Carpet Layers
Fitness Coaches and centres
It is a fact ALL Websites can benefit from this Fantastic
Cloud based Service.
This Boosts Sales
Leads and relations
with potential and on going customers
Comes with your Own Login Office Hub, to create in line and popup Voicemail and you can add code to any Facebook, page
/Ttwitter tweets and more Simply.

Comes with simple Video instruction for you to add in seconds to your website or send to your web-builder to install.
EXAMPLE of popup on a site, can go on the side of site person wanting to  send voice mail, clicks on button,
it opens and they record, then can check recording, send or re-record then send after adding Name
and e-mail address (optional and can be totally edited to your choice)
YOU then receive an e-mail telling you you've got a voce mail and from your e-mail can listen to it and will automatically log you into  your online voice mail office, if you require too.

This example has no sound but does repeat all the time

Choose with e-mail or not on set up and is changable

In line example on a site
Past Code in face book or any other Social media site
Here is a customers Twitter post   (
All Leads are in  your Back Office
Popular with Internet Marketers
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Simply Sign up and within 24 hours you will be ready to go
So How much will this investment in your business be?
We do not install on your site it is simple code to add to any site by yourself Or Your WebMaster
Comes with Training videos and LOGIN details after 24 hours after signing up, I know you will love this .
Plan2  £14  a Month         PLUS    Plan2  £10  Setup fee
12 Month Plan No Set up fee £99 complete for 12 months
OR Discounted
I am So Sure you will be happy with Voice Link that with 12 months package I offer you a
''Start Increasing your Customer base/Leads and Subscribers'' Today

Start ''Expanding your business today''
NO VOICEMAIL  phone costs
Below Can be put into an e-mail  (repeating pic)
Link Can be put on Facebook ,Twitter and more Social sites, Customer putting on Twitter tweet below (re-peating pic)
I have 2 Packages
1) 1000 Voicemail Widget account
2) UNLIMITED Widget account
PACKAGE 1 IS THE PLACE TO START unless your an internet marketer. comes in Monthly or discounted 12 monthly
ONLY £4.99 a Month
OR 12 Monthly for Only £42.99
(Saves £18)

PACKAGE 2 UNLIMITED A must for internet marketers  and my most popular package
Option 2
Option1    £14 a month + £10 Setup Fee
Option 2   12 Months for £99 and no set up fee

Option 2    12 MONTHLY
This Voice mail Facility does NOT rely on the Phone so NO cost per voicemail
Clients, member's,customer's can Voice mail you and a HUGE advantage is you  do not have to be

at home or in the office to receive and listen to any voicemail that has been sent through Voice-Link

You Automatically get an e-mail saying you have a voicemail and from there can listen to the message

So when out shopping or working ,check your e-mails by phone  and can listen and answer them on the move.

Now that's fantastic, and you can log in automatically to your Voice-Link Office from the e-mail, even on your phone or tablet too.

Plus I pride myself on personal service, I  am always available if you have any Questions

Option1 £4.99 A MONTH

Your Voice Link Office is Cloud Hosted for you
Use as an emergency Contact all Voicemails get notification to your e-mail, where you can Listen to message, manage all Messages and Contacts from your BackOffice, either in your office or ON YOURPHONE. that's a definite bonus.
OFFER Discounts/ Promotions
OFFER FREE Catalogue
Internet marketing  give aways to get Leads
What ever Your Business You can make Unlimited  mind blowing ways to Increase Sales, Customers, Members and much more (c) 2018
''Be one step ahead of the opposition''